channel-intelligenceI hired Zer0frixion to completely redo our implementation at Channel Intelligence. They did a tremendous job and in 10 weeks was able to design and implement a system which matched our revenue generation process. They actually helped us streamline parts of that process based on the analysis he did. Doug Alexander ~ Director at Wharton Future of Advertising Global Advisory Board

fashion-snoopsIf you are looking to maximize the full business potential of your company, then Larry Nipon is the one person you need on your team. Larry understands the fundamentals of an organization and how to make the company better, stronger, and more profitable. Larry has a vision like no other, and a mission statement to transform your business into the best it can be. Robert Guadalupe ~ SVP Sales & Marketing at Fashion Snoops

procurianLarry combines deep expertise in the sales and marketing arena with a knowledge of how to design the platform to make that process more effective. Can work seemlessly across multiple levels of the organization- including senior sales and marketing professionals on a peer-to-peer basis. His passion for sales and com to making his clients successful are unique. Carl Guarino ~ CEO

quench Just 6 months after the completion of revamping their Sales and Support, Quench received $38.5 Million in growth financing. Zer0frixion still batting 1000!

resource-pro Larry helped us to rebuild our contact management system from the ground up. He provided us with critical guiding principles and then worked tirelessly to get us up and running with our structural design and clean-up work completed. Larry approaches the project from the decision maker’s viewpoint so was sensitive to the end uses of the system and the types of reports that I would be able to generate at the push of a button. Dan Epstein ~ CEO

style-sightI have worked with Larry for more than 6 years. When I first met Larry, he was given the task of taking WGSN to the next level. He hired, coached, and mentored a very successful team that followed him to Stylesight. I’m lucky to be one of his original team members. His passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and loyalty have kept us continuously wanting to be part of his team. I wasn’t surprised to find out that he started Zer0frixion – I couldn’t imagine a more perfect situation for him. ~ Relationship Manager at Stylesight

stylusThrough Zer0frixion, Larry brings a unique and proven approach to sales and sales management. I have had 2 firsthand experiences working with his system and methodology. Once I was introduced to this way of managing my “sales existence,” I was amazed by how liberating it was. It took all the guesswork out of every part of my sales process…what I should be doing and how often, how effective I was being, staying on track to consistently meet or exceed my financial goals. It really takes a lot of the typical stress and uncertainty of a high demand sales position out of the equation. Larry’s influence as a business strategist, leader and mentor has been invaluable to both me and the companies we have worked with together. Today, I literally could not operate my business any other way. Any company would benefit from tapping into his methods, systems, experience, and thought process. Melanie Marsh ~ Founding Executive

wgsnLarry built our US business by more than 5 fold during his 5 years with the business. He is one of a kind. He really understands both the service industry and the importance of technology. He has amazing people skills and built a very loyal and dedicated team in the Americas. Larry is not a “yes man.” He speaks his mind and has firm views. But it is this characteristic that makes him the success that he is. Marc Worth ~ CERO Stylus Media Group

client yorn zer0frixionI first wrote a rec of Larry back in 2006 and said that “Larry is a powerhouse that will energize any organization… and he does it with integrity and pride. I’d work with Larry again anytime.” Well, Larry has continued to hone and mature his motivational and organizational expertise to a transformational level where his skills can be masterfully injected into any business! Rick Rasansky, CEO ~ Founder at Yorn LLC