Is your design a ‘one size fits all’?

Zer0frixion designs an effective system design customized from the start to support the company’s revenue strategy.

Some ‘One Size Fits All’ System Design flaws can include:

  • Revenue-critical activities that were not objectively defined
  • Opportunity stages in the sales process were not clearly differentiated
  • Quantitative controls that drive revenue-critical activities were not embedded

Zer0frixion will fix those flaws!

Zer0frixion’s process is akin to the way a surgeon operates. A “procedure” has a defined process. However, once a surgeon “goes in,” they need to deal with the unique aspects of that patient’s circumstances.

This is no different than the way Zer0frixion “operates.” We have a defined process. The underlying details of the steps in the process result in customized responses depending on the company’s circumstances.

Read what some of our clients are saying here.

What you’ve done determined what you are.  What you do will determine what you become.  If you want to change what you are…change what you do.  More of something is not usually the best solution.

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