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Analyze the Past…Or Predict The Future

Most companies use to analyze what happened, or what is happening. Why don’t companies use the system to help control the FUTURE outcome?

Moneyball: What Data Will Reliably Predict the Future?

If you’ve seen the Brad Pitt movie “Moneyball,” or read the book on which it is based, you know how Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane used data analysis to challenge conventional wisdom about the true indicators of a player’s talents. Employing this strategy to select players who were undervalued by traditional measures, he pulled off a winning streak that stunned his competitors.

Beane successfully answered the question: What data can we track that will most reliably predict the future performance of a baseball player?

Zer0frixion Successfully Answers the Question:

What data can we track that will most reliably predict the future revenue and profit of a business?

Zer0frixion will give you total control of your revenue-critical activities. You will get results you can count on – with certainty – month after month. It will transform your entire business. And you will pull off winning streaks that stun your competitors.

Activity is the true currency of accurate forecasting, not revenue. Zer0frixion’s system empowers you to define, track and quantify the activities that drive revenue.