Implementation Issues

No implementation will be successful if the strategy or the system design is flawed.

But even a flawless strategy and a flawless a system design do not guarantee successful implementation!

Does your company:

• Lack user compliance rules and enforcement?

Without strict compliance rules and enforcement, some of the people engaged in revenue-critical activity won’t adopt the system and use it as intended. If management tolerates non-compliance, this issue alone can cause disappointing results or even outright failure.

• Have an experienced person to manage implementation?

Hiring or assigning an inexperienced person to manage the implementation is another potentially disastrous mistake. The system affects all of the people and processes that bring revenue and profit to the company. Careful planning is required to ensure orderly adoption and smooth integration.

• Fail to properly train users?

Before the implementation gets under way, a user training program is a must. No matter how “intuitive” and “user friendly” the system is, executives will live to regret the absence of a training plan for current users as well as future new hires. The plan should include a continuing education component to account for the inevitable system upgrades.

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