Our Results

Results Prove the System Works

Zer0frixion’s system has been pioneered, perfected and proven through implementation in companies across various industries.

Companies adopting the Zer0frixion system experienced:

  • 2X to 5X increase in month to month headcount productivity
  • Dramatic improvement in staff control, results predictability and forecasting accuracy for sales management
  • Increased control, quantity and quality of activities leading to revenue
  • 35% to 50% reduction of sales cycle duration
  • Customized corporate snapshots providing a road map to earlier, decisive, proactive decisions
  • More sales… reduced overhead… more profits

Specific Results Have Included:

  • $32M to $500M in 9 years… over 30 countries
  • 70% dot-com market penetration in year one… $14M early stage funding
  • $3M to $56M in 4 years with a 46% ebitda… in 32 countries… sold for $260M in year 5
  • $900,000 to $9M in 15 months…18 countries… $16M A-round funding
  • $3M first year revenue when group of 380 companies in 19 industries and 14 countries launch a B2B technology-information service