Most companies that have implemented Sales technology think they’ve taken a powerful commitment to a 21st century step. Not much will change for them unless they apply a 21st century strategy to be supported by their new 21st century technology.

What are the 3 Typical Flaws in Strategy?


Asking the wrong question.

Zer0frixion helps companies correctly define process, vocabulary and revenue strategy.  Then and only then, is system design, wiring, implementation and training done to correctly support the strategy.  Your business strategy and the technology used to support and execute it are treated as a unified whole.

Tracking the wrong currency.

Zer0frixion doesn’t treat activity and time  as a “how much” questions.  They are treated as a new and powerfully predictive data set, defined, measured and made actionable specifically for your company’s business model.

Driving the wrong results.

More revenue is a predictable byproduct of more revenue-critical activity combined with the quality and duration of those activities.  Zer0frixion defines and measures the behavior that moves your prospect to a decision more quickly.

Getting Your Answers

Don’t manage the system…Manage BY the system